Humble Beginnings

Figure 1: Owners Joe Mszal and Andrew Zloza pose for a photo sometime during the start of the company.

J&L CNC Qaulity Machining, Inc (or J&L for short) first opened its doors in early 1995 in Bedford Park, IL. At its beginnings, J&L was a small compnay trying to make its footprint in the manufacturing industry. The company's early work consisted of small jobs for other facilites in the area, most of which were run of the mill operations. The faciltity at the time consited of two milling machines and two lathes. As demand grew, J&L began expanding their shop capacity buy purchasing further equipment as well as hiring new employees. J&L spent nearly ten years in Bedford Park until its facility could no longer meet their needed space requirments. In 2003, the company begain looking for a new facility.

The Move

In 2004 J&L moved from its humble beginnings in Bedford Park to Alsip, IL; ten miles south of its Bedford Park location. The new 10,000 sq. ft. facility in Alsip allowed the company to expand to new heights. Unlike before, the comapny owned full rights to its new location allowing it to rennovate as it pleased. Such renovations included a new AC and heating system for both the office and shop facilities. The new system would allow the company to operate in the most ideal of conditions (as desclared by ASME) resulting in more precise tolerances in all parts produced. Other renovations included the installation of small cranes and numerous amounts of new equipment such as EDM.

Figure 2: Map detailing the move to the Alsip facility. Image courtesy of Google Maps.

Our Mission Statement

Machining is to meet and exceed our customer’s high expectations. We achieve this through quality control, responsive customer service, value added services, and competitive pricing. J&L CNC Quality Machining, Inc's commitment to quality is the driving force behind our production process.